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My exchange sister.

Heeey guys!

Today I'm not tone. I'm tone's exchangesister. She had the brilliant idea to make a post about me in her blog and a post about her on my blog.

So about me:
My name is Meike and I'm 16 years old but in two months I will be 17. I have one older sister and a younger brother. And a new sister tone! I come from Germany. I live in a little village two hours away from Munich. My hobbies are unicycling (a bicycle with only one wheel) and ballet. So I'm not good in football, sorry tone.. Now I go to school, but in two weeks I have my final exams. Juhuu! My favourite music is HIP HOP (f.e. Left Boy), but in Ireland we will go to a One Direction concert and I'm so happy to do this. It will be great with Tone!
I also meet my friends or go to parties like normal teenagers do.

So why I would go to IRELAND?
It's the most beautiful country in the world. I love the landscape and the people there are so nice. I'm so happy to have an exchangesister like Tone! She is so lovely. And she is so crazy, just like me!
We will have the best time of our LIFE!

Ireland here we come!

This is me! :)

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